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Return & Refund Policy

Shopyourstylz is assuring 100% customer satisfaction. And suppose you are not satisfied with any of the reasons as per the terms and conditions we mentioned below. In that case, You can quickly return the product to us within seven days from the delivery date with the original packing. 

Terms & Condition:-
  1. All Returns/Refunds for all related damage/defect/quantity mismatch/description mismatch are available for the return but within 48 hours from delivery. 
  2. Make sure the product is only tried once, not used regularly. 
  3. All Replacement/Refunds will be processed after the product is received and the quality analysis is cleared. 
  4. Any product returned shows improper use, improper handling, or physical damage; damaged/torn out the box, missing manuals, parts, and accomplices will not be Replaced/Refunded and returned to the buyer without giving a reason.      
  5. No return, if the customer doesn't like the product even if the description is correct, will not be entertained. 
  6. Opening Video is must for any Claim.

In case any customer will get an empty box or missing item, the case should be registered within 24 hours of the delivery time, else the shopyoustylz has all the right to reject your complaint. Also Opening Video is Mandatory for any Claim.

Return Procedure:

For all returns, You can reach us on Email at : Provide a specific valid reason for your return. Include a copy of the original invoice in the package.

Note :- Shopyourstylz team has right to accept or reject the return request on case to case basis depending upon the supporting shared by the customer.